Travel Insurance

Cecy Insurance Services provides travel insurance from several insurance providers. For free quotes from these providers, use the links below.International Medical Group (IMG)For a free online quote from IMG, click here or contact our office.

Travel Insurance Services

Travel Insurance Services provides a wide range of travel insurance products, shown below. Group Plans are also available. If you have questions about the services offered below, please contact us.

InterMedical Insurance

Are you planning an international trip?

Your health insurance may not pay for medical expenses incurred outside your home country and Medicare won’t pay any expense. Most medical policies, HMO’s and PPO’s do not pay for international medical evacuations.

InterMedical™ Insurance, a quality short-term international medical policy, can protect you.

WorldMed Insurance

Are you planning a trip outside your home country?

Traveling abroad can be an exciting experience but each year scores of people visiting foreign countries need emergency medical treatment and are unprepared for the high costs involved.

WorldMed™ Insurance is a flexible, international medical insurance plan offering 3 levels of accident and sickness coverage up to $1,000,000 for individuals traveling outside their home country. Optional coverage for hazardous activities is also available.

Visit USA-HealthCare Insurance

Are you expecting foreign visitors?

When you are expecting international visitors or immigrants to the United States, don’t forget medical insurance. U.S. doctor and hospital costs are very expensive. If there is an unexpected illness or injury, how will you pay?

Visit USA-HealthCare™ Insurance, a quality short-term accident/sickness medical policy, can protect your visitors, and you.

Study USA-HealthCare

Are you planning to study outside your home country?

Foreign students studying in the U.S. and U.S. registered students studying outside the U.S. will need medical insurance to cover unexpected emergency medical treatment costs.

Study USA-HealthCare™ provides excellent illness and accident expense protection and is widely accepted by U.S. universities and U.S. study abroad programs. It meets or exceeds the requirements set by the Department of State, Immigration & Naturalization Services and NAFSA.